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The San Diego North County Soccer Referee Association (SDNCSRA) was formed in July of 2009, predominately serving the Escondido Soccer Club with Referees over the past few years at Frances Ryan Park in Escondido, California...but we're growing.....

Next Monthly Meeting will be TBD
Referee Meeting Schedule has been posted for 2014 - Meetings are generally the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month.
Meetings are held at Community Lutheran Church in Escondido, CA
Address is 3575 E. Valley Parkway

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HIGH Temperatures - Safety Warning

Here is the Heat Rule by Presidio Soccer - Use your common sense and communicate with the coaches to make sure you are all on the same page. Use Water Breaks for Recreational Games as well.

Heat Rule

Center Referees can cancel games for safety reasons (including heat) or if decided by both teams that it is too hot to safely play a game, then it can be rescheduled. Please note that we will be looking at the games independently because as you know it is often much hotter in certain areas of the 3 counties served by Presidio/SDDA.

The primary factors to consider are location, time of the game and the turf, i.e. natural grass or artificial.   Imperial Valley, Temecula, Valley Center and East San Diego County, etc.  temperatures are different than those on the coast so we expect people to be smart and think about safety first.


Presidio Soccer League and SDDA Water Break Guidelines

As we approach the season we at Presidio Soccer League want to make sure everybody understands the guidelines of when and how the rules on water breaks are allowed.  This issue is one of safety for the players.  We understand that this is competitive soccer but we also understand that these players are kids and their safety is paramount to winning any game. First in order to have a water break the temperature must be hot enough to have the need for water breaks. At times Presidio Soccer League will mandate water breaks, which are not optional.  We also understand that water breaks are not needed in every part of the county, so common sense must be used in the determination to have or not have water breaks. 

So these guidelines are very simple but only when weather and location is taken into account and we have not instituted mandatory water breaks.  So here are the guidelines:

  • Either coach may request a water break prior to the start of the game and the referee shall grant a 1 minute water break per half somewhere close to the middle of each half
  • The referee has the discretion to call for a water break when they deem necessary
  • Player's shall not leave the field of play during water breaks
  • No coaching shall occur during the water breaks

These guidelines are for the safety of the players and referees.  These are not to be abused or used to delay the game.  Common sense dictates that these guidelines are not for gaining an advantage but for safety concerns. Abuse of the rule will not be tolerated.

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Presidio League Soccer - Need Referees for your Season?
Are you looking for a Referee Association for your Season? The Presidio Soccer League only allows approved Referee Associations through Cal South to referee your games. So if you are looking to find someone to help you with your new club or you were flying under the radar before, please contact us to see if we are able to help you out.
Email Thom Terrazas thom@sandiegoreferees.com and Lance Andersen lance@sandiegoreferees.com

Where We Provide Referees
SDNCSRA has supplied referees to cover a wide range of games from Recreational to Competitive matches for any age & level. Referees go where the games are and we help increase to keep their skills sharp by refereeing throughout the year (Fall Season, Spring Season, Multiple Tournaments: Dave Shelton Memorial Tournament (formerly known as the Fall Classic), Commissioner's Cup, New Years KickOff, San Diego Charity Cup, Tournament of Champions, Memorial Day Super Cup, San Elijo Hills Tournament, State Cup and a few more coming....).

Recent News  
05/04/14 MAY 4th - San Diego Sockers 4vs4 Tournament
San Diego Sockers 4vs4 Tournament
05/04/14 May 4th - San Diego Sockers 4vs4 Tournament
Fill out your availability for the San Diego Sockers 4vs4 Tournament! Age groups U6 through U15 // The 4 v 4 is a fast paced tournament that's always a favorite!
04/08/14 April 8th - Referee Monthly Meeting
Monthly Referee Meeting. Referees need to attend a minimum of five monthly meetings per year for Grade 8 Referees. More if you hold a higher referee grade.


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